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Applying chipboard sleeves to your trays or cups is typically one of the most labor intensive operations
in your packaging and production line. This necessary but highly expensive operation is often a considerable
bottle neck that limits line efficiency and output. The P5-SLV automatic sleeve applicator is your solution.
Designed to handle pre-glued sleeves, the P5-SLV can be integrated into any packaging line. Capable of
production rates of 50 per minute as a single lane system or up to 100 per minute in the dual lane
configuration the P5-SLV handle a wide range of tray and cup sizes. For added flexibility, the dual lane system is capable of running each laneindependently thus running two products at once. The compact system design is caster mounted for easy portability with a variety of infeed and discharge options available.

Affordable sleeve hoppers can be customized to suit your specific sleeve, are light weight and easy to change over.

P5-SLV - 2
Unit of Measure


Electrical Capacity

Electrical Requirements

Air Pressure

Production Capacity

Changeover Time



P5-SLV (Single Lane) N/A 1.5 kW N/A 208-230V 3ph 60 HZ N/A 90 psi N/A 50 packs/min N/A < 5 min N/A Up to 50 Trays per minute N/A Size Illustration
P5-SLV (Double Lane) N/A 2 kW N/A 208-230V 3ph 60 HZ N/A 90 psi N/A 100 packs/min N/A 7-10 min N/A Up to 100 Trays per minute N/A Size Illustration
Unit of Measure