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This automatic jar-filling system is perfect for small to medium-sized operations. The two rotary tables provide accumulation space to store bottles which supports a seamless packing operation. For an accurate and clean filling process, the system includes a no-drip nozzle and a pneumatic jar-pacing mechanism. The filling volumes range from 100 – 650 cc (3.5 – 23.2 oz), and the fill-rate varies depending on the product’s viscosity.
Unit of Measure



N/A GS Italia

Point Five Model

N/A P5-VPF 650 Jar Filling System


N/A Volumetric Filler - liquid, semi-dense and pasty products


N/A Never used, great condition



  • P5-VPF 650 Jar Filling System
    • 13-liter product hopper
    • No-drip nozzle
    • 5 ft. conveyor
    • (2) 24-inch rotary tables
  • Capping device not included